Tsukuba Science City Orchestra

FY 2005 programme(plan)

the 35th regular concert

17, Apr.(Sun) Nova Hall

the 36th regular concert

12 Nov.(Sat) Nova Hall

o Music(orchestra) lecture concert requested by Tsukuba City (for 6th grad. in Tsukuba City)

June(total 2 days, 3 concerts)

previous activities

Regular activities

practice: 19:30–21:30 of every tuesday
Mostly, we can use hall from 18:30. Tutti starts at 19:20/30.
Besides, extra practice is held in sunday, 13:30&ndasy;17:30 at once per a month, every on demand.
place: Kasuga public hall of Tsukuba City.
Besides Takezono, Namiki, Onogawa public halls on demand.


Classical concert in common style 2 times per a year (spring & autumn).
Autumn concert is often attended at Music-Festival of Ibaraki pref.(orchestra).
Includes some local music festival
and lecture concerts by request.

Camp for practice

About 1 month before every regular concert.

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